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For many years Canada has been praised by the United Nations as one of the most desirable countries in which to live. With its great natural beauty, welcoming multicultural society and clean environment, Canada has attracted thousands of visitors and immigrants from all over the world. Vancouver, as the entrance gate to Canada on the west coast, offers visitors a wonderful urban life style surrounded by mountains and ocean. Vancouver has also become a popular destination for pursuing academic and career training in an English language environment.

At Western Training Group, we welcome and assist people who desire to travel or study abroad. We take great pride in our Homestay Program and Educational Tours that have benefited thousands of our program participants to experience Canada in the past two decades. Your dream is our dream. We are honored to be part of the human endeavor to expend our horizons through travel and learning.

Welcome to Canada! We trust that you will be blessed with wonderful experiences and fond memories that will last a lifetime.